Solicitation For Fall 2022 Tackle Head Coaches


Its that time of year again… Planning for our fall season begins NOW!  The start to that plan hinges heavily upon our Coaches selection for all Tackle Divisions.

Here is an outline of our process, due dates and the attached application.

**This process is only required for those that want to be a head coach in any division 6U through 14U**

** ANYONE CAN APPLY who is over age 21 and will pass the required background check**

1. Complete the attached application and return to NO LATER THAN  February, 4th 2022.

2. All applications will be reviewed and you will receive a confirmation of receipt NO LATER THAN February, 10th 2022.

3. You must develop and submit your ideal Daily/Weekly practice plan in whatever format you prefer via email to NO LATER THAN 1 Feb (this will be used to evaluate your capability and preparation as a coach to run a quality practice encompassing 100% of football skills for 100% of athletes on the team)

4. After practice plan is received you will be emailed a Schedule to select a preferred time slot for our Panel Coaches Interview.

5. Coaches Panel interviews will be conducted in Mid February (exact date TBD)

A. Coaches Panel will be comprised of the Current Tackle Director, Our League Commissioner, and up to 5 Trusted Advisors (High Football IQ Former SVYFL Alumni and High school/College Coaches)

B. All coaches that apply will receive a blank score sheet to review so they know what areas will be of focus. There will be 5 grading categories with a total value of 3 points per category per panel member.

6.The Coach for each division who has the highest cumulative score after the panel will win the job. If any panel members overall score for a candidate is more than 5 points different than another panel members score for the same candidate, then those Panel Members must discuss their reasoning and then both will re-score the candidate. This process ensures a fair and equitable vote process.

THANK YOU ALL in advance for your patronage and selfless dedication to our Viera Youth, I look forward to another awesome HAWK SEASON!

Ron Ramsey

SVYFL Commissioner