Your 2020 SVYFL Tackle Coaches

You may recognize Coach Tackett from his multiple seasons coaching NFL Flag […]

Tiny Mite Coach Jeremy Tackett

You may recognize Coach Tackett from his multiple seasons coaching NFL Flag during both the spring and fall seasons. He is also the returning Head Coach of the 2019 Tiny Mites.

When asked, Coach Tackett says, “I always look forward to teaching these young men that it’s not about you, it’s a team first sport and that’s most important.”
When asked about his favorite memories coaching, Coach Tackett said that he’ll never forget last season when one of his athletes, getting to run the ball for the first time, scored a touchdown. The young man ran over to him, with the biggest smile, and said, “You’re the best coach ever!”

8U Coach Bobby Koonce

Prior to coming to our league, he coached two years of intramural adult flag football in Tampa. You may recognize Coach Koonce from his time coaching at the 2019 Summer Football Camp, or as the (really…really loud) Defensive Coordinator of the 2019 Tiny Mites, or cheering along from the sidelines during the Spring Spirit/Cheer squad’s performances. Most recently, he’s coming off the 2020 SVYFL Spring Tackle season, where he was the Head Coach of the Dolphins (Green) team. When asked, Coach Koonce says, “I love being part of the development these young people experience, as they navigate the path to becoming exceptional citizens in our community. In my opinion, the most important aspects of team sports is learning how to respect yourself and your teammates, all while building on social, communication, and collaboration skills. ”

10U Coach Joshua Jones

With more than 5 years experience, you may most recognize Coach Jones from his two years of coaching NFL Flag during both the spring and fall seasons, or three years coaching in our tackle organization. Last season he was the Head Coach of the 2019 Mighty Mites.

When asked, Coach Jones says, “I’d like for my team to learn through hard work and dedication that almost anything is possible. I want them to create strong foundations, friendships, and work ethic, that they can carry with them for a lifetime.”

When asked about his favorite memories coaching, Coach Jones said, “I really enjoyed watching a particular smaller though tough kid, that just didn’t have much experience; to see him grow confidence and into a starter for the defense was amazing. It all happened because he listened and was willing to put in the hard work!”

12U Coach Brian Spencer

Coach Spencer comes with an extensive resume, having coached for 5 years at the High School Varsity level at Fenton Senior High, 4 years of youth football in Hartland, 2 years of Middle School football at Fenton, and 3 years of NFL Flag and Tournament/travel ball. This will be his inaugural season at SVYFL, so please make him feel welcome.

When asked, Coach Spencer says, “It’s all about teaching young men and women the game of football with a team concept in mind. Sports in general help teach fundamentals and skills that will last a lifetime. I want kids to learn to work together as a team, and learn the game as a whole. It all comes down to having PRIDE…..Potential, Respect, Intensity, Determination, and Effort. “

When asked about his favorite memories coaching, Coach Spencer said, “I’ll never forget witnessing the development and path of a particular young man. It seemed the young man had a bad attitude and it was showing on and off the field. In working with him, it seemed he had a particular tough home life and was definitely in need of guidance. Over the years, I watched him develop and grow as both a young man and athlete. To witness him become a Division I College football player is something that I will never forget.”

14U Coach Scott Woodruff

With experience at SVYFL, both with our NFL Flag and Tackle programs, he’s no stranger to SVYFL. You may also recognize him from his time coaching with the Melbourne Ducks, Melbourne Dawgs, or his time coaching lacrosse, soccer, or baseball.

When asked, Coach Woodruff says, “With team sports, it is important to youth level players to actually build a love for the game. With that love, you will develop a desire to excel, and build a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself as an individual. I want our players to love the game of football; and it’s my objective to prepare them for the next level at the high school ranks. Nothing makes me happier than seeing players that I have coached, continuing on their career for years. That lets me know I did my job.”