Tackle FAQ

What are the ages for each division?
When does practice start and when does the season end?
How many nights per week is practice?
Where are practices held?
Where and when are games played?
When does registration start and what is the cost?
What equipment do I need?
I signed my child up for tackle, if he does not like tackle can he play flag?
I signed my child up for tackle and now he plays flag, will I be refunded the difference in registration cost?
What is the league age cut off?
Are there weight restrictions?

Flag FAQ

What are the rules for Fall Flag?
When is Fall Flag registration?
What is the registration cost?
When does the Fall Flag season start?
When are practices?
When are games?
Where are games played?
What are the age groups?
Can girls play?
Is there travel?
What equipment does my child need for flag football?
What about uniforms?
What is the difference between SVYFL Fall Flag and SVYFL Spring Flag?
Can I request a specific team?

Cheer FAQ

What does the registration price cover?
When does cheer start and the length of the season?
When and where are practices and games?
What team will my child be on Cheerleading?
How do I become a coach, team parent, or other volunteer?