January and February 2021 NFL Flag Game Schedule


Here is a link to the updated Saturday game schedules for the 2021 Winter Season of NFL Flag.


Solicitation For Fall 2021 Tackle Head Coaches


Its that time of year again… Planning for our fall season begins NOW!  The start to that plan hinges heavily upon our Coaches selection for all Tackle Divisions.

Here is an outline of our process, due dates and the attached application.

**This process is only required for those that want to be a head coach in any division 6U through 14U**

** ANYONE CAN APPLY who is over age 21 and will pass the required background check**

1. Complete the attached application and return to NO LATER THAN  20 Jan 2021.

2. All applications will be reviewed and you will receive a confirmation of receipt NO LATER THAN 25 Jan 2021.

3. You must develop and submit your ideal Daily/Weekly practice plan in whatever format you prefer via email to NO LATER THAN 1 Feb (this will be used to evaluate your capability and preparation as a coach to run a quality practice encompassing 100% of football skills for 100% of athletes on the team)

4. After practice plan is received you will be emailed a Schedule to select a preferred time slot for our Panel Coaches Interview.

5. Coaches Panel interviews will be conducted in Mid February (exact date TBD)

A. Coaches Panel will be comprised of the Current Tackle Director, Our League Commissioner, and up to 5 Trusted Advisors (High Football IQ Former SVYFL Alumni and High school/College Coaches)

B. All coaches that apply will receive a blank score sheet to review so they know what areas will be of focus. There will be 5 grading categories with a total value of 3 points per category per panel member.

6.The Coach for each division who has the highest cumulative score after the panel will win the job. If any panel members overall score for a candidate is more than 5 points different than another panel members score for the same candidate, then those Panel Members must discuss their reasoning and then both will re-score the candidate. This process ensures a fair and equitable vote process.

2021 Head Coaches app.pdf

2021 Head Coaches app.docx

THANK YOU ALL in advance for your patronage and selfless dedication to our Viera Youth, I look forward to another awesome HAWK SEASON!

Shaun Hartman

SVYFL President


Playoff games RESCHEDULED for October 31st.

There have been some changes in the schedule for playoffs. As many of you know, the SVYFL family has had a tremendous loss recently. Isaac Hungerbueler of our 14U team, recently lost his father in a tragic accident. The family is having services for him on November 1st. With many of our families, players, and coaches that want to attend, there was a conflict with the scheduling of the post season games on November 1. Once the ECC was informed of this, they are completely turning the schedule over so that everyone can pay their respects.
D1 will now play all levels on Saturday, October 31st at 9:00, 11:00, 1:00 & 3:00 to allow Isaac as well as other members of the SVYFL family to attend the memorial without having to worry about game times conflicting on Sunday. D2 will play all levels on Sunday at the same game times listed above.
We want to thank the East Coast Conference Pop Warner and it’s members for allowing the changes and supporting the Hungerbueler and SVYFL family.
-Ron Ramsey
SVYFL Commissioner


October 17th : Final Regular Season Home Game

The Suntree Viera Hawks Football and Cheer would like to welcome the Merritt Island Mustangs players, cheerleaders, and families this coming week. We look forward to hosting the final game of the season at our fields at Viera Regional Park located at 2300 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Melbourne, FL 32940.

In preparation to this weekend’s games, and per the regulations of the Brevard County Parks and Recreation all players, cheerleaders, parents, and spectators are required to complete an online COVID-19 questioner before entering our park. The link to this questioner is

Per the CDC and Brevard County Covid-19 requirements masks are not required, but strongly encouraged if social distancing cannot be maintained. Spectators may bring chairs and tents and must be set up just off the sidewalk area. The sidewalks need to be free and clear of chairs and spectators during the entire day, we also ask to have spectators refrain from leaning on the fences per the County’s COVID-19 return to play guidelines. ECC badges are required to enter the fence area onto the fields.

Check in area for football and cheer will be located by the brick building as you enter the park; team check in will be 1 hour prior to game time. Our fields are equipped with a lighting detection system and will sound if lightning is detected in our area, if this occurs we ask that your players immediately leave the field and wait in their respective parents cars until the lighting system gives the all clear.

Concessions will be provided by Local Food Trucks during the day that will be set up just inside entry of the fields. We will have water available for team coolers, there will not be ice on premises and will need to be purchased prior to arrival at the fields.


Game Times

(These time frames include time outs, injury clock stops, water break, etc and should keep us on schedule during the day)


  • 6U 9:00am-10:15am
  • 8U 10:30am-12:30pm
  • 10U 12:45pm-2:45pm
  • 12U 3:00pm-5:00pm
  • 14U 5:15pm-7:15pm
  • Cheer
  • TM cheering for 6U
  • MM cheering for 10U
  • PW cheering for 12U


If there are any questions with cheer please contact our Cheer Director Taralynn Stewart @

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday!!

Ron Ramsey
League Commissioner



The Suntree Viera Hawks Football and Cheer teams will face the Flagler Titans at their home field this week.

Flagler Titans field is located at 2200 Moody Blvd Flagler Beach, FL 32136. I will forward any COVID guidelines to you if they are provided.
We would like to remind the HAWKS family that you represent the HAWK NATION and sportsman like conduct is of the utmost importance. If there are any issue while away with fans, players I ask that you find myself, Bill, or Shaun and we will address the situation immediately.

Game Times


6U 9:00am-10:00am
10U 10:00am-12:00pm
12U 12:00pm-2:00pm
14U 2:00pm-4:00pm
8U 4:00pm-6:00pm (-vs- New Smyrna Cudas)

Everyone be safe on the trip and GO HAWKS!

Ron Ramsey
League Commissioner


Commissioner’s Corner Announcement 8-31-2020

I would like to take a moment and express my sincere gratitude in the hard work that our parents and coaches have endured during these trying times. I know we have asked a lot of you regarding forms, last minute waivers, online waivers etc., but please know that we do not like waiting until the last minute on anything. This year will go into the books as a very conforming year with no normalcy. Rest assure that it is the SVYFL’s Board of Directors and my top priority to bring your children a safe platform to return to some type of normalcy in their lives and play a sport that they love and cherish.

Pop Warner East Coast Conference has worked tirelessly to produce a schedule that takes in consideration for all associations current COVID guidelines and have come up with a schedule that allows us to play football this season. We would like you to please keep in mind that this schedule represents the future as it is today, and SVYFL and ECC can not predict any issues that may arise within an association or conference. With that in mind please be open minded to changes of game times, and locations as the schedule progresses into the season. I promise you on behalf of the SVYFL Board of Directors and your League Commissioner if there are changes to the schedules I will disseminate that information to you as soon as possible, as I know we are all balancing family, sports and our lives in this ever changing world.

Times for the below schedule will be announced the week prior to the game.

  • WEEK 1 SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 5, 2020 **JAMBOREE** AT 1275 S Courtneay Pkwy, Merritt Island FL 32952
  • WEEK 2 SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 2020 Port Orange Hawks@HOME
  • WEEK 3 SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 19, 2020 Deltona Panthers@HOME
  • WEEK 4 SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 26, 2020 AT Flagler Titans 2200 Moody Blvd, Flagler Beach FL 32136
  • WEEK 5 SATURDAY OCTOBER 3, 2020 12U ONLY Melbourne Ducks 751 Jamaica Blvd, Satellite Beach Fl 32937
  • WEEK 6 SATURDAY OCTOBER 10, 2020 AT New Smyrna Cudas 2335 Sunset Drive, New Smyrna Beach FL 32168
  • WEEK 7 SATURDAY OCTOBER 17, 2020 Merritt Island Mustangs@HOME


If you have any questions on the schedule please direct them to your team moms, and coaches or feel free to contact me anytime during the season at Let’s Go Hawks !

-Ron Ramsey

League Commissioner SVYFL


2020 Registrations for NFL Flag / Cheer / Tackle have Closed

2020 Registrations for NFL Flag, Cheer, and Tackle football are have closed! 

  • Registration for NFL Flag can be found at ****Flag registration for 2020 is closed*****
  • Registration for Cheer can be found at ****Cheer registration for 2020 is closed*****
  • Registration for Tackle can be found at ****Tackle registration for 2020 is closed*****

Your 2020 SVYFL Tackle Coaches

You may recognize Coach Tackett from his multiple seasons coaching NFL Flag […]

Tiny Mite Coach Jeremy Tackett

You may recognize Coach Tackett from his multiple seasons coaching NFL Flag during both the spring and fall seasons. He is also the returning Head Coach of the 2019 Tiny Mites.

When asked, Coach Tackett says, “I always look forward to teaching these young men that it’s not about you, it’s a team first sport and that’s most important.”
When asked about his favorite memories coaching, Coach Tackett said that he’ll never forget last season when one of his athletes, getting to run the ball for the first time, scored a touchdown. The young man ran over to him, with the biggest smile, and said, “You’re the best coach ever!”

8U Coach Bobby Koonce

Prior to coming to our league, he coached two years of intramural adult flag football in Tampa. You may recognize Coach Koonce from his time coaching at the 2019 Summer Football Camp, or as the (really…really loud) Defensive Coordinator of the 2019 Tiny Mites, or cheering along from the sidelines during the Spring Spirit/Cheer squad’s performances. Most recently, he’s coming off the 2020 SVYFL Spring Tackle season, where he was the Head Coach of the Dolphins (Green) team. When asked, Coach Koonce says, “I love being part of the development these young people experience, as they navigate the path to becoming exceptional citizens in our community. In my opinion, the most important aspects of team sports is learning how to respect yourself and your teammates, all while building on social, communication, and collaboration skills. ”

10U Coach Joshua Jones

With more than 5 years experience, you may most recognize Coach Jones from his two years of coaching NFL Flag during both the spring and fall seasons, or three years coaching in our tackle organization. Last season he was the Head Coach of the 2019 Mighty Mites.

When asked, Coach Jones says, “I’d like for my team to learn through hard work and dedication that almost anything is possible. I want them to create strong foundations, friendships, and work ethic, that they can carry with them for a lifetime.”

When asked about his favorite memories coaching, Coach Jones said, “I really enjoyed watching a particular smaller though tough kid, that just didn’t have much experience; to see him grow confidence and into a starter for the defense was amazing. It all happened because he listened and was willing to put in the hard work!”

12U Coach Brian Spencer

Coach Spencer comes with an extensive resume, having coached for 5 years at the High School Varsity level at Fenton Senior High, 4 years of youth football in Hartland, 2 years of Middle School football at Fenton, and 3 years of NFL Flag and Tournament/travel ball. This will be his inaugural season at SVYFL, so please make him feel welcome.

When asked, Coach Spencer says, “It’s all about teaching young men and women the game of football with a team concept in mind. Sports in general help teach fundamentals and skills that will last a lifetime. I want kids to learn to work together as a team, and learn the game as a whole. It all comes down to having PRIDE…..Potential, Respect, Intensity, Determination, and Effort. “

When asked about his favorite memories coaching, Coach Spencer said, “I’ll never forget witnessing the development and path of a particular young man. It seemed the young man had a bad attitude and it was showing on and off the field. In working with him, it seemed he had a particular tough home life and was definitely in need of guidance. Over the years, I watched him develop and grow as both a young man and athlete. To witness him become a Division I College football player is something that I will never forget.”

14U Coach Scott Woodruff

With experience at SVYFL, both with our NFL Flag and Tackle programs, he’s no stranger to SVYFL. You may also recognize him from his time coaching with the Melbourne Ducks, Melbourne Dawgs, or his time coaching lacrosse, soccer, or baseball.

When asked, Coach Woodruff says, “With team sports, it is important to youth level players to actually build a love for the game. With that love, you will develop a desire to excel, and build a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself as an individual. I want our players to love the game of football; and it’s my objective to prepare them for the next level at the high school ranks. Nothing makes me happier than seeing players that I have coached, continuing on their career for years. That lets me know I did my job.”


Announcing the 2020 Tackle Coaches

The Coaches Panel has convened and the coaches for the 2020 tackle season have been selected. Bio’s for the coaches can be found HERE. We want to thank Ernie Cruz, Rick Helton, and Derek Smith for volunteering their time and expertise in forming the panel. We truly appreciate their input and impartiality in selections. With our formal announcement, please welcome all of our new and returning volunteers in their head coaching roles with SVYFL.

Tiny Mites – Jeremy Tackett
U8 – Bobby Koonce
U10 – Joshua Jones
U12 – Brian Spencer
U14 – Scott Woodruff

We also want to thank the other applicants for their time and consideration in these roles. Our organization runs on volunteers and we couldn’t do it without you. We hope to see you on the fields in other roles this season. #SVYFL2020 If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at or through our website at


Announcing our 2019 Volunteers of the Year!

Our League wouldn’t have the successful impact that it does without the selfless contributions from our Volunteers. We’d like to recognize the 2019 Volunteers of the Year.

Awards this year were for

  • Volunteer Family of the Year
  • Female Volunteer of the Year
  • Male Volunteer of the Year
  • Tackle Coach of the Year
  • Cheer Coach of the Year
  • Flag Coach of the Year